Entanglement: Obama, Erdogan And Gulen

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Turkey Coup 2016

The July 2016 coup in Turkey may have important prophetic implications that are hidden behind a veil of secrecy by Obama and Erdogan. There is a back story where these two men are concerned that starts with their friendship which began in 2012. Erdogan’s Minister for European affairs and closest political adviser, Egemen Bagis, declared that Erdogan had found a close friend in Obama. “The two can very candidly express their opinions. They might not always agree, but they feel confident enough to share positions,” said Bagis.

They are such good friends that Obama asked Erdogan to risk Turkey’s friendship with Iran by floating the idea of a nuclear agreement with Iran, according to the above Washington Post article. Obama also persuaded Erdogan to install a missile-defense radar system which upset Tehran, then convinced Erdogan to reverse his initial opposition to NATO intervention in Libya. In return for Erdogan’s cooperation, Obama started soft-pedaling his call for Turkey to recognize the Armenian genocide of 1915. Later, human-rights groups began complaining that the United States was tolerating Erdogan’s squeeze on Turkish journalists, judges and political foes. This complaint plays into the situation with Fethullah Gülen and the July coup.

Gulen and Erdogan were once good friends. Erdogan founded the ‘Justice and Development Party’ (AKP) in 2001 with the help and support of Gulen. The party won three general election victories from 2002 to 2011. Erdogan stood down as its leader upon his election as President in 2014. Soon after, Gülen’s Cemaat Movement helped Erdogan curb the political power of the military after which he began to grab more power. When he detained or arrested almost 70 people in December 2013 on corruption charges, Gulen expressed displeasure and the two men began to move apart. Political analysts attribute Erdogan’s actions as an overt power struggle between himself and Gulen who lives in the U.S. In late 2013, Erdoğan’s government proposed shutting down Turkish private schools, many of which are funded by Gulen. Gulen’s supporters, who are believed to have wide influence in the police and judiciary in Turkey, later fomented the coup against Erdogan.

How does Obama’s friendship with Erdogan play into this? No one knows for sure, but it is becoming more obvious by the day that Gulen is being used as a scapegoat. But to what end?

An article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts of GlobalResearch.ca stated, “News services abroad ask me if President Erdogan of Turkey will, as a result of the coup attempt, realign Turkey with Russia. At this time, there is not enough information for me to answer. Moreover, I do not know if it is true that Moscow warned the President of Turkey of the coup, and I do not know if Washington was behind the coup. …Whether Turkey stays with Washington or realigns with Moscow depends on whether or not Moscow warned Turkey and whether or not Washington was behind the coup. If this is what Erdogan believes, whether true or false, Erdogan is likely to align with Russia.

The second consideration is whether Washington or Moscow offers Erdogan the best deal. Washington most certainly does not want the breakup of NATO and will strive to keep Turkey in NATO at all costs. Washington, for example, might deliver Gulen to Erdogan, and Washington might put one billion dollars in a bank account for Erdogan. This is easy for Washington to do, as Washington can print all of the world’s reserve currency it wishes to print. It is impossible for Moscow to deliver Gulen, and because Yeltsin accepted US advice conveyed through the IMF, the Russian ruble is not a substitute for the US dollar.”

To what end was this coup orchestrated? That is the question, isn’t it? Aside from the political pundits’ specualtions, there is another possibility having to do with the European Union which figures prominently in Obama’s imperialistic plans. he has an important tool in his toolbox to bring the earth under one government – trade agreements between economic unions. He is not the first to use trade agreements, but use them well he does. He wants Turkey in the European Union as much as Turkey wants to be there. Turkey cannot and does not, according to Bible prophecy, stand alone as an enemy against Israel. IN the Bible, Turkey is aligned with a coalition of nations – an economic union. Both Obama and Erdogan want Turkey to be a member of the EU. It is possible that Obama and Erdogan are using the Gulen coup to force the EU’s hand by making it appear Turkey will pivot to Russia. Turkey has already tried to blackmail Europe over the Muslim migrant issue. But there is an issue going the other way, as well. Access to the Middle East from Europe must come through Turkey so, either way, Europe cannot afford to reject Turkey’s application for entry into the EU much longer.

Obama and Erdogan are Sunni brothers of like mind although Erdogan pushes for peace between the Sunnis and Shi’ites. Erdogan has certainly helped Obama plant, sprout and grow ISIL/ISIS.. Daniel Pipes of Middle East Forum http://www.danielpipes.org/14486/turkey-isis writes, “Ankara may deny helping ISIS, but the evidence for this is overwhelming. As we have the longest border with Syria, …Turkey’s support was vital for the jihadists in getting in and out of the country. Indeed, the ISIS strongholds not coincidentally cluster close to Turkey’s frontiers.”

Let us not forget this. It is possible that Obama and Erdogan are at odds now, but I believe it is more possible they are coordinating and orchestrating something very important to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. It is necessary for the world, though, to continue being confused. To that end, allow me to reveal my own speculations.

Massive numbers of Middle East migrants flow north through Turkey, a situation Erdogan has used to arm-twist the EU for membership which has not worked. And the EU requires access to the Middle East through Turkey. The current threat from Turkey to the EU is not only might they pivot their alliance to Russia, cutting off easy access to the Middle East from Europe, but that they will pour migrants into Europe if they are not accepted in the European Union as early as 2017.

Why do I believe Obama wants Turkey in the European Union? Why would he help to orchestrate a coup using Gulen, Erdogan’s enemy? He is helping the rise of the 8th Beast to come to power. End time Babylon’s headquarters location has temporarily been placed in Washington D.C., but it will eventually switch back to the Middle East with the Ottoman Empire when America has been destroyed. The goal of Esau’s descendants, Barack Obama and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is to bring the earth under one-world government ruled by the 8th Beast. Obama is simultaneously causing the destruction of America and bringing the 8th Beast to power.

Revelation tells us that the 8th Beast will be just like the 7th which was the Ottoman Empire. Revelation 17:11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

Therefore it is vital for the European Union to accept Turkey. Russia is not Gog, as I have pointed out by much evidence over the last few years, not the least of which is that there are no people with the surname ‘Gog’ living in Russia. They live in Germany. Turkey becoming part of the EU will fulfill the coalition requirement for the armies of Gog (the EU led by Germany) from the land of Magog (Turkey). To this end, the US must gain access to the EU on behalf of Turkey.

Will Obama extradite Gulen? Only when it serves his purpose. If he sends Gulen back to Turkey before the EU accepts Turkey’s petition, the leverage being used will no longer be there. For now, Ankara and Washington must make it appear that they are at odds over Gulen so that Turkey will continue to have the excuse it needs to pivot to Russia.

Obama and Erdogan will have to play this one out whether or not they are coordinating behind the scenes or have become enemies. The world can only watch what happens.

Inside the Black Hole of Negative Interest Rates

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David Haggith

Many nations that experimented with the Fed’s economic recovery plan are now going beyond the outer limits into the twilight zone of negative interest rates. Some of these nations continued to skirt in and out of the edfge of recession throughout their years of economic stimulus; so, now they’ve powered their programs into hyperdrive to see if they can escape the gravity of their circumstances. Their situation appears desperate and hopeless.

Immediately after the Fed’s economic acceleration ended in the US, we’ve watched $3 trillion of paper wealth get sucked into a stock market collapse in less than one-and-half months, and that collapse appears to be accelerating to where the Fed is now talking about negative interest rates, too.

In spite of such talk, we are told the US cannot be in recession because recessions typically begin nine months after a bear market breaks out. That premise may be “typically” true, but what is typical about the present situation? Do things work the typical way when you are crashing back down into a recession you never really escaped? Perhaps the Great Recession was the black hole of all recessions. For all of our efforts, we have not escaped it and feel ourselves pulled right back into it now that we’ve exhausted our fuel on futile financial experiments.

Once nations moved into zero interest rates, we entered such a strange new realm of economics that no one in history has ever experienced this kind of an economy. As nations now move past that bound into negative interest rates, can we really know what is “typical” anymore? I think the word “typical” simply doesn’t apply in our present circumstances. Read more…

—David Haggith

For continual coverage of news that matters, go to Beast Watch News.


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